VL 2024
International Conference on Visualizing Landscape

Although it is impossible to agree upon a single definition of landscape, it remains closely related to its perception and, therefore, to the visualization of the environment and its many tangible and intangible dimensions.

Landscape perception refers to an aesthetic –from the verb αισθάνομαι meaning to perceive through [all] the senses– experience but it is generally considered in visual terms since, for human beings, vision is the primary way of representing and analyzing the material world.

The optic-perceptual component often compresses and marginalizes the other sensory aspects because of this priority of ‘knowing’ the material world through vision.

Because of its complexity and diversity, landscape visualization research has garnered growing and renewed interest in recent years. Starting from the investigation of landscape perception, representation and communication, different researchers are integrating various tools to visualize the multisensory perception of the landscape.

In this regard, the conference aims to explore through the lens of visualization the research concerning landscape to create a common ground for reflection at the boundary between different disciplines.