After the Damages International
AcademySummer Focus 2023

The “After the Damages” International Academy aims to disseminate recent innovations and advances in mitigation strategies by providing the most up-to-date expertise.
The body of scholarly content addressed by the International Academy is holistic and interdisciplinary and includes climate change, risk reduction solutions, post-disaster participatory governance tools, governance strategies aimed at environmental, social and economic resilience, integrated diagnostic investigation, digitization and modeling of complex systems, monitoring, and tools for informed design applied to the preservation of the built historic heritage.

This summer between July 11th and 13th, 2023, the Academy is offering a summer focus that will develop three afternoons of discussion and updating on important issues.
July 11th will address the topic of the cultural heritage of the twentieth century in danger, including through the contribution of experts in the field belonging to the international network I N S I D E Modern Heritage.
The following afternoon, July 12th will discuss digitization of monumental and archaeological heritage as an act of prevention and preservation with an open discussion of the most innovative methodologies and instrumentation with international case studies.
July 13th will be dedicated to policies for structuring laboratories and CLUSTERS in the national and international context with case studies from the Emilia-Romagna region and Brazil.