Special Issue “Visualising Landscape Dynamics”

Special Issue “Visualising Landscape Dynamics”

Deadline for manuscript submissions: June 30, 2023

Special Issue Editors
Amedeo Ganciu, Enrico Cicalò, Mara Balestrieri, Michele Valentino

A landscape is a complex system composed of tangible and intangible values, and human activity is fundamental to its management. The correct representation and interpretation of the landscape matrixs is crucial to its quality and sustainability design; in this way, the new tools and recent technology provide a better analysis and visualization of landscape evolution. Through Social Network Analysis and Graph Theory, we can analyse and visualise the strength, morphology, and polarities of the landscape matrixs. Using a GIS for Public Participation, we can obtain strategic information for a landscape governance system, and have the possibility to monitor its evolution. Through a cognitive map, we could recognize a landscape perception; in other words, cognitive maps are how people perceive their landscape. Virtual and augmented reality, through the internet of things and artificial intelligence, underly the recent development of digital twins; therefore, these may represent new technological frontiers for sustainable landscape design and its management.

Topics research

– Landscape dynamics representation and visualization.
– Landscape dynamics modeling and simulation.
– Landscape dynamics survey, maps, visual data mapping.
– Tangible and intangible landscapes visualization and communication.
– Landscape dynamics perception and communication: research and applications of tools and methodologies for designing and visualising cognitive landscape maps.
– Virtual Landscape and Augmented Landscape: application and development of Digital Twins for design and management of contemporary landscapes; use the technologies such as virtual and augmented reality to enhance landscape immersion and its knowledge.
– Landscape network: tools to analyze different kinds of landscape network (citizen, economic, food, energy, social) and methodologies for their visualisation with innovative infographics.
– Governance’s landscape design process: applications of digital tools for the recognition and representation of social dynamics, such as webGIS, PPGIS and other.

– landscape representation and visualization
– landscape perception and communication
– digital twins
– landscape network analysis
– landscape governance design

Published Papers
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