Nexus 2023: Relationships Between Architecture and Mathematics

The 14th international, interdisciplinary conference “Nexus 2023: Relationships Between Architecture and Mathematics” will take place 12- 15 June 2023 in Torino, Italy, presented by DAD – Department of Architecture and Design of the Politecnico di Torino and Kim Williams Books.
This important meeting is the fourteenth conference in the Nexus series, following those in 1996 (Fucecchio, Florence, Italy), 1998 (Mantua, Italy), 2000 (Ferrara, Italy), 2002 (Óbidos, Portugal), 2004 (Mexico City), 2006 (Genoa, Italy), 2008 (San Diego, USA), 2010 (Porto, Portugal), 2012 (Milan, Italy), 2014 (Ankara, Turkey), 2016 (San Sebastián – Donostia, Spain), 2018 (Pisa, Italy), 2020/2021 (Kaiserlautern, Germany, held online).
The Nexus conferences are dedicated to explorations of the relationships between architecture and mathematics through abroad panorama of topics. Over the years since the Nexus conferences began in 1996, conference participants have presented studies of buildings both large and small, as well as entire cities and neighborhoods, designed by great architects of the past such as Leon Battista Alberti and Andrea Palladio, and by modern masters such as Xenakis, Le Corbusier, Frei Otto and Frank Lloyd Wright, and contemporary architects such as Anna Bofill and Greg Lynn. These works are studied from the viewpoint of mathematical notions: symmetry, descriptive and projective geometry, proportion, statics, grammars, computer science, topology, algebra, fractals, and many more.

Call for proposals
Speakers at the Nexus 2023 conference will be selected by the Scientific Committee on the basis of abstracts submitted in response to the present call for proposals. Acceptance will be based on the appropriateness for Nexus; originality of topic; whether the topic is accessibly only to specialists or can be appreciated by a wider audience; how developed the research appears to be.
All accepted abstracts will appear a special supplementary issue of the Nexus Network Journal, published by Springer and distributed during the conference itself.
Following their presentation at the conference, a limited number of presenters will be invited to develop their work into full research papers for publication in the Nexus Network Journal. The selection will be made by the Scientific Committee on the basis of the presentations at the 8conference. Papers not presented in person at the conference will not be considered for publication.

Submission of an abstract is not a guarantee of acceptance at the conference or of publication in the Nexus Network Journal.
Papers that have been presented at other meetings and/or previously published as chapters of books or as journal articles will not be considered.
The author submitting an abstract automatically grants permission for that abstract to circulate among members of the Scientific Committee. The conference chairs guarantee that the abstract will not be used for any purpose other than review and selection.
Authors of accepted abstracts must guarantee their participation at the conference. No abstract accepted for the conference and published in the book will be eligible for selection for publication in the Nexus Network Journal unless the author is present at the conference to present the work in person.
Publication of the accepted abstract in the conference book is contingent on payment of the conference participation fee before or on the established date (see Conference Fee and Important Dates below).
After acceptance authors will be expected to re-format their abstracts for publication as instructed.
There are no publication fees for publication in the Nexus Network Journal.

There will be a dedicated Ph.D. Day at Nexus 2023. Abstracts from current Ph.D. candidates and those who have received or will receive their Ph.D. degrees in the period 2021–2023 must submit their proposal to the Ph.D. Day, not the main conference.
Ph.D.s and Ph.D. students must specify their interest in participating in the Ph.D. Day in the abstract header and follow the rules specified in the point “Submissions”.
For inclusion in the main conference sessions, papers co-authored by professors and Ph.D. candidates must be submitted for consideration by the professor, and if accepted, presented by the professor.

Authors of accepted abstracts are expected to cover their own travel expenses to the conference venue and pay the conference participation fee. The conference fee will be announced at the time presenters are notified of the acceptance of abstracts.

Cover sheet. Please include a cover sheet with the following information:
full name and surname;
title or profession (Professor, Doctor, Architect, Independent Scholar, etc.);
affiliation (if applicable);
country of residence;
title of proposed presentation;
category of research (see below);
5 keywords (refer to the submission guidelines of the Nexus Network Journal for a list of suggested keywords https://
Abstract. Abstracts in English, no more than 1600 words and 2 pages (DIN/A4) of images. The abstract should comprise the following sections: Introduction (ca. 150 words); The Research (ca. 1300 words); Conclusion (ca. 150 words); References (no more than 10).
Curriculum vitae. BE BRIEF: no more than 1 page, including significant publications.

Submissions are to be sent via e-mail to the Secretary of the Scientific Committee at this address: This email will become effective 1 November 2022.

Submissions will be accepted from 1 November 2022 to 29 November 2022. No abstracts will be acknowledged before 1 November or accepted after 29 November, unless an extension of the deadline is specifically announced.

The following categories of research are intended to facilitate the review work of the Scientific Committee. Please indicate the category that you believe best describes your research:
• Design theory: mathematics as a design tool;
• Design analysis: mathematics used to analyse an existing monument or site;
• Geometry: Applications of geometry (descriptive, projective, fractal, etc.) to architecture;
• Topology: Applications of topology to architecture;
• Rule-based Design: Shape grammars; parametric design;
• Representation of architecture: perspective; modelling;
• Structures: architectural engineering application; statics related to form;
• Computer applications: morphogenesis, digital fabrication, virtual reality;
• Didactics: methods, approaches and projects in the classroom, at all levels of education;
• Other (please provide 2 keywords).

Key Dates
The schedule for submissions, selections, and the preparation of the final presentations is:
• 20 December 2022 | Deadline for submission of abstracts.
• 15 February 2023 | Notification of acceptance of abstracts.
• 15 March 2023 | Deadline for submission for final, correctly formatted abstracts for publication and payment of conference participation fee in order to have the abstract published in the Nexus Network Journal.
• 12 ‒15 June 2023 | In-Person Conference in Torino.
• 1 September 2023 | Notification of selection for publication in Nexus Network Journal.
• 2024 | Publication of selected papers in the Nexus Network Journal.