D-SITE. Drones – Systems of Information on culTural hEritage
International Conference meeting
16th-18th June 2022, Pavia, Italy

D-SITE is an International Conference dealing with the use of drones in the field of Cultural Heritage.
It is directed to researchers and experts working for the design of UAVs production and the use of
drones for Cultural Heritage digitization, finalizing innovative documentation services that integrate
and complete the existing practice.
In the last few years, the use of UAVs is becoming increasingly important in many areas related to the
science of architectural survey, topography, engineering and architecture. Used for monitoring and
surveying, drones are an opportunity for the development of increasingly effective systems for the
The event aims to provide a framework of the State of the Art of this phenomenon, laying the
foundations for the development of novel systems of analysis and growth of innovative methodologies
with a multidisciplinary nature.

Conference TOPICS

• The extensive use of UAS;
• UAVs national and international legislation;
• New approaches to fast, low-cost and open sources survey;
• Acquisition systems for critical and emergency areas inspections of sites difficult to access with UAS,
• Unmanned underwater vehicles (UUV) for remote inspection and documentation of submerged sites;
• Surface rover and USV for emergencies or Endangered Heritage: state of the art and applications;
• Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) for Geosciences;
• Potential and development of the use of UAS in agriculture;
• UAVs and photogrammetry for landscape and territorial aspects analysis: geological, agricultural, forestry;
• LiDAR system from UAS for the analysis of territorial aspects: geological, agricultural, forestry;
• Urban Air Quality Monitoring using UAS: sensors and future perspectives;
• UAS applications in different environments: archaeological, urban, monumental;
• 3D modelling from UAVs for the visualization, preservation and sharing of complex architectures;
• UAS to support Building Information Modeling workflows;
• SfM Procedural modeling from UAVs for the Digital Twin applications;
• Quality assessment of UAV survey.

Extended abstract must be sent by February 28th, 2022.

Email : d.sitecongress@unipv.it
Website : www.dsiteconference.com