Complex Vaulted Systems. Call for papers di Nexus Network Journal

Call for papers di Nexus Network Journal
Complex Vaulted Systems: Geometry and Architecture from Design to Construction
Guest Editors: Roberta Spallone and Marco Vitali, Politecnico di Torino

In Western architecture, masonry and stonework vaults were the main structures used
over the centuries for covering the internal spaces of the buildings. In specific historical
periods (e.g. Middle Age, Baroque, until Contemporary…) the vaults take particular
complexity due to a more stringent link between Geometry and Architecture that
fuels the inventive abilities of designers and builders. The experimentation and the
construction of new spatial configurations was favored by the virtuosic application of
stereotomy for stone works, or the enhancements of building techniques for
masonry and concrete works.
The study of vaulted systems involves the search of the relationships between Geometry and
Architecture in the process from design to construction, dealing with shapes, materials, and
The theme of this special issue encompasses complex vaulted systems over the centuries. Topics of
interest include:
 Modeling of historical sources about vaults’ geometry and architecture;
 Morphologic comparative studies of geometrically-shaped vaults;
 Analysis of geometric tracing, stereotomy, centering, and calculus methods in built heritage;
 Investigation of the relationships between geometry and structure in historicized vaulted

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