Cultural Heritage and New Technologies November 16–18, 2016 City Hall, Vienna, Austria

Urban Archaeology and Data

Re-use and Repurposing of Archaeological and Historical Material and Data

Ever increasing understanding of our primary sources and technological progress have led to higher and higher standards of recording and analysis in archaeological and historical research. The corollary is an exponentially growing volume of archives about the past, including written and graphic documentation – both analogue and digital – as well as archaeological finds and samples and historical objects and documents of great scientific value.
This heterogeneous collection is extremely precious, often being the only testimony left to witness research and scholarly activity. This data and material must be both securely stored and properly curated to ensure that it remains valid and accessible for reuse, repurposing and new research for both present and future generations. This year’s CHNT will examine ways of achieving these goals. (David Bibby and Scientific Committee)