“Digital & Documentation”

“Digital & Documentation”
I nuovi confini del digitale per la comunicazione e la valorizzazione del patrimonio
20.09.2021 Palermo


The topic of Documentation, which increasingly involves the field of drawing and architectural survey, uses digital technologies and new multimedia communication systems to acquire, analyze and disseminate the value of our historical heritage. The adoption of static or dynamic images to support this investigation is one of the aspects on which researches related to the subject of documentation are most frequently concentrated.

The cycle “Digital & Documentation” summarizes some research experiences of professors and experts of representation areas in Italian universities, illustrating through drawings, architectural surveys, 3D models and virtual interactive spaces how the “Digital” has become part of our common language, as a communicative system to understand new features of configuration of heritage. The application of digital technology to Cultural Heritage moves towards the production of information systems to support greater usability and communicative clarity. The contribution exploits theoretical reflections, examples of existing museums and utopian virtual spaces, in order to demonstrate the multiplicity of applications in various contexts and to propose points for reflection in future research activities in this field.

Digital documentation practices
Digital protocols for communicating Cultural Heritage
Digital data on Cultural Heritage, Digital Models & Digital Landscapes
Theory & Practice on digital expressions
Databases, Semantics, Ontologies & Interoperability
Information models for CH dissemination and policy
Virtual spaces for visual expression
Digitization practices for museums accessibility and management
Digital resources for OpenAccess CH libraries
VR, AR and serious games for educational and immersive experience