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41° International Conference of Representation Disciplines Teachers
Congress of Unione Italiana per il Disegno
PERUGIA | 19-20-21 september 2019

the art of drawing | the drawing of art


The sense of the 41° International Conference of the Representation Disciplines Teachers – Congresso della Unione Italiana per il Disegno is synthesized by the main image on the cover of the special issue of Life magazine, eloquently titled To the moon and back, which portrays a phase of the moon landing of July 20th, 1969 reflected on the helmet visor of the astronaut Buzz Aldrin. Just as this image represents both the result of a physical reflection, which marks a milestone in technological evolution, and the result of a conceptual reflection, which summarizes centuries of human dreams and aspiration, the main topic of the conference offers the same duality. A duality that also marks the entrance of the Drawing Academy of Perugia (where the parallel sessions of the conference will take place), marked by two works of art that fully belong to the history of contemporary art: Bizhan Bassiri’s Specchio solare, located behind the main door in 2013, and Sol LeWitt’s Wall Drawing, painted along the monumental corridor in 1983. Two apparently simple works, but really complex in reality, which embody the opposite meanings of the verb reflect: one material, which indicates the physical phenomenon that regulates the incidence of a ray of light on a reflecting surface, and the other immaterial, which indicates the act of turning the mind carefully to an object of thought. In fact, while Bassiri’s steel disc, giving the illusory sensation that it comes from inside, lights up with reflected light, LeWitt’s stars, marking the gap between idea and execution, impose a reflection on the infinite dialogue between art and architecture. But what grips in a borromean knot the perceptive illusionism of Bassiri’s work and the geometric constructions of LeWitt’s work (and, with them, the two opposing meanings of the verb reflect) is precisely the drawing. Both as the drawing of art, where it recalls the project trace of any work of the intellect, and as the art of drawing, where it embodies the multiple scientific values of representation.




the drawing of thought / the thought of drawing
keywords: concept icons theory

the drawing of knowledge / the knowledge of drawing
keywords: history survey techniques

the drawing of imagination/ the imagination of drawing
keywords: models project utopia

the drawing of communication / the communication of drawing
keywords: signs narration education

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