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40° International Conference of Representation Disciplines Teachers
XV Congress of Unione Italiana per il Disegno
MILAN  13 | 14 | 15 settembre 2018

Drawing as (in)tangible representation


The occasion of the 40th UID Conference aims to observe both tradition and innovation of the contents and application practices in addition to didactical and research experiences of professors and scholars in the field of drawing.
The representation is considered in its dialectics between the ability to interpret and render ideas, material and immaterial sides of products and architectures and lands. One side includes the notable field of investigation that builds the heritage and paysage, whilst the other looks at the ideation and communication processes at different scales. Thus carrying shapes and images in a new age of digital sharing of processes, tradition and design outcomes.
How might these ideas, which are already ‘commonplace’ in the represented field be redefined on the wave of new digital languages, communication media and more widely in applied technologies? This will be outlined in four, focused discussion points:



Theories of Drawing and Digital Practices for the Project

Drawing for project innovation and product design
Drawing for modeling and fast prototyping
Drawing for “smart cities” design

Techniques for Analysis and (Re)Building of  Heritage

Virtual reality and augmented reality for the reading and interpretation of past, present and future
Low Tech/High Tech: Interactions between tradition and innovation
Knowledge: drawing to show and prove what doesn’t exist (any longer)

Means and Media of Representation and Visual Culture

Communication And Enhancement of Products and of Material and Immaterial Goods
Drawing, Graphics, Communication and New Media as Strategies for Didactics and Communication
Signs, Images, Maps and Visions of Towns, Lands And Landscapes

Practices and Models of Information and Management

Innovation Transfer and New Technologies Skills
Professional and Industrial Applications of  Drawing and Survey
Drawing in Contemporary Design between Interoperability and Construction Management

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